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Six Ways to Engage Your Customers Better

Being a small business owner isn’t easy. Simply being able to reach customers and retain them can be extremely difficult. However, if you are able to successfully engage with your core customer base, you could develop a loyal following that will provide you with revenue for years to come. Below are six ways to better engage your customers.

1. Hold Customer Contests

Another way to involve your customers in your marketing is to hold a customer contest. A photo contest is a great choice. You could ask customers to take funny photos with your product and post them to a specific Twitter hashtag. The winners could receive prizes and have their photography used in a TV commercial.

2. Engage Directly with Customers on Social Media

As you probably already know, social media has become a cornerstone of customer engagement in recent years. However, simply posting social media updates on a schedule isn’t going to cut it. You should also communicate directly with customers by responding to their questions, reblogging their content and occasionally joking around with them.

3. Build an Online Community

One way to increase your engagement with customers is to create an online community. This can be done through internet forums and message boards. It can also be done through social media platforms like Facebook. The input from such communities can be very valuable.

4. Online Chat for Business

Direct one on one communication is integral to customer engagement. It can result in high customer service ratings. One way to do this is by providing a platform for chatting with company representatives on your website. Being able to receive immediate customer service from a real person can go a long way. There are a variety of companies that offer chat solutions for business; doing some research can help you determine which is best for you.

5. Live Events

However, all engagement doesn’t have to be online. Live events thrown for your customers can go a long way towards forging long term loyalty. Some utility companies, for example, hold events for customers in certain markets once a year with free food and entertainment as a thank you for their business.

6. Use Test Markets

One excellent way to test out new products is to have customers try the product in a certain area and provide their feedback directly to you. It provides valuable information and makes the customers feel involved.

Customer engagement is very important. Always make sure you are looking for new ways to better engage with your customer base and make them feel that you truly do value their business.

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