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Small Business Can & Instant Chat

Howdy folks, we are celebrating the release of our first installation of Instant Messaging live on In an effort to get more and more people on the site to engage and collaborate we thought why not roll out another tool to help in the process. Naturally this release is just the beginning in this area with more exciting features to follow which will allow for deeper engagement on the website and really get the ideas following among members.

This chat will be located on a toolbar glued to the bottom of your browser (Look down now!!) so you can bring it everywhere with you on the site. We have brought our facebook group and also our twitter group to the party also so by all means you can follow us there also. Infact with so many new blogs and contributions now coming from loads of members twitter is a great way to keep track of all the SBC news…

So what are the features. Well simple really:

1. One-on-one online chat with your friends who are online.

2. Unlimited simulaneous chat for all the chat junkies out there!!

3. Send a file, allowing all users to send files to each other using file transfer.

4. Quick links to our social networking groups on twitter and facebook. (LinkedIn group is coming…)