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Smallbusinesscan: The story so far

It’s only been a year, but has already become a vital source of information…

It has been over a year since we launched Smallbusinesscan. I can bore you with the statistics (which are very impressive), but instead, I will give you a sample of what members have done for each other, without the help of gurus, experts, or government.

Companies have found investors. Starting entrepreneurs have had their business ideas reviewed by helpful entrepreneurs. New businesses have been launched and introduced. Trade contacts as far as Japan have been developed. Websites have been significantly improved based on feedback from Smallbusinesscan members.

Range of subjects

Threads, insights, videos, and articles have also been created on an incredible range of subjects, such as public relations, search engine optimisation, selling, human resources, getting paid, finance, dealing with banks, marketing, intellectual property, pitching, social media, etc etc.

Deals have been done. Contacts have been made.

Frustrations have also been vented but all ending on a positive, constructive note.

And that is the, point really — positive and constructive. Getting on with it and helping each other with the issues we as business people face day by day, every day.

Ask for advice

So rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, why don’t you ask for advice from other business people who have been there and bought the T-shirt? Share your story. Join an anti-doom and gloom community of positive business people, helping you to grow your business and hopefully, in turn, you helping other businesses to grow.

And why not also come to some of the off-line events we have planned too?

Bloggers breakfst, Sept 23

We have a bloggers’ breakfast in Belfast on September 23. You can get the details from me or on We also have three other events happening in Northern Ireland in the months ahead, organised by Ulster Bank and supported by Smallbusinesscan. These will be in the north west, Cookstown, and Belfast. Again, email me for details, or go to for more info. Full details will be provided in next month’s column.

Also, to celebrate a year of ‘sharing the learning’ on Smallbusinesscan, the best post this month — which could be a question, tip, answer, insight, article, video, or story — will secure an iPad. We are particularly interested in your stories of when you started your business.