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SMECommunity – mindful business at work

You know…. when we pay attention to what we are doing great things can happen. Sure [financial] times at the moment may not be as great for some as they were a while back, but those days are past. We only have the now to live in and experience.

Along these lines, a group of Irish business people are seizing the moment and bringing positivity en masse into the open. Mindful of what it takes to move forward, a new movement has begun on Twitter grouped under the hashtag #SMEcommunity.

We [yes, I’m one of them :)] are a bunch of Irish businesses who are not only taking responsibility for where we and our businesses are, but moving forward under our own steam and making a major effort to help and encourage each other along the way.
Helping others


Being authentic

SMEs helping other SMEs with real encouragement and support. It’s about being authentic with each other. It’s about understanding that there is a unity to things and to move forward as a collective is more powerful than trying to do everything as a singular entity. We may all have separate business and lives but they all intertwine in some way. We are all interconnected.

It’s about looking at the bigger picture and realising that if one moves forward we all move forward. About hanging out with positive people who are aware of what needs to be done now, in the present.

What we focus on expands

…so let’s focus on the positive vibe the #SMEcommunity is bringing to Ireland and further afield. Let’s let everyone know we are here and we are moving ourselves forward by helping others; by realising that it’s not just ‘me’ it’s ‘us’. Not just in the context of business but in a human context…for we are all one, we are all a community.

NB: SME = small & medium enterprises. Though, having said that, many in the #SMEcommunity are micro or nano businesses [like myself]. All are welcome so if you fancy learning more or feeling the glow of our positivity just search #SMEcommunity on Twitter and add the hashtag to your tweets 🙂