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The power of positive tweeting

We’re getting used to Social Media and D’internet. Not that long ago it was believed that putting a photo or a real name online might lead to an “internet friend” turning up uninvited on the doorstep, or have impostors pretending to be you, halfway across the globe!


Virtual/Real world interaction

Maybe a slight exaggeration, but social media use in Ireland has come along in recent years, with most people getting used to the idea that interacting with others online is not that different to real-life after all.

Now, this mix of virtual and real world interaction is becoming the norm in modern business …

And despite the bleak and persistent travails of the economy, the mood is surprisingly positive among those experiencing the reality of running a small business.

Along with support and advice from the growing community of business people with real-world nouse, small businesses are realising that they can succeed when they band together in mutual support – and with strength in numbers, can weather whatever obstacles are flung in front of them.

Help, advise and share

Debbie Harper of Tus Nua Designs explains how the #SMEcommunity came about: ‘We wanted to be surrounded with people who knew what it was like to be an SME in Ireland, who were happy to help, advise, and share the community spirit and support each other’.

A simple and effective way to do this is through the use of hashtags. Before anyone gets excited thinking SME’s all around Ireland are burning more than the midnight oil, hashtags are used as a handy way to group conversations in Twitter.

All you have to do is add #SMEcommunity to a “tweet” and join in the conversation with the growing network of Irish SME’s.

And when you follow @SMEcommunity_ie others can find you, follow you, and regular updates from @SMEcommunity_ie delivered to your timeline will keep you in the loop.

Though a new initiative, already there are opportunities to meet-up and network taking place over the coming weeks, and more planned for after the holiday season:

Letterkenny: Tues 2nd Aug at LYIT [Time:TBC]
Castlebar: Wed 3rd Aug at 11am, Breaffy House
Dublin: Fri 26th Aug, 3pm at the Red Cow .

Anyone running a business or thinking of starting one is welcome to come and meet, swap business cards, connect and promote each others businesses online and in the “real” world.

It is also a chance to put faces to Twitter names and prove that you are in fact a real person…