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So you’ve got a blog, now what?

So you’ve been working hard to design and develop your business blog. You’ve gone through all of the WordPress tutorials, hired a few designers and have finally put the finishing touches on your new and shiny website. So now what?

Hands down the most difficult part of running a successful blog is being faithful with producing quality and engaging content for your readers. Too often blogs find themselves with a beautiful site, but little specialized content to reach out to readers with. In their most basic form though, blogs area all about creating and curating great resources for a specific audience or niche. And yet even when blogs are producing great content, many still struggle to find a faithful readership. So what are bloggers to do? What are the steps to finding and publishing great resources in a way that will draw readers to their site?

With all of these difficult questions in mind, the folks over at Simply Business produced another great guide for small businesses (If you haven’t seen their guide for creating a WordPress, it’s worth a look). With a huge list of awesome resources, this simple guide for business blogging walks small businesses through the steps of finding a specific blogging niche, developing a content strategy and then exploring ways to expand readership. It’s one of those resources that every blogger should spend a few minutes with. Good luck and enjoy!

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

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