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Social Media Guide

We have just launched our second guide. You can download our social media guide here.

Social marketing

There is no escape. Online media and social media should be an integral part of your overall marketing and sales approach.

It is not social media, it is social marketing.

Target market, sales and positioning

To understand how to apply and use online media, you need to understand your target market, your positioning and the sales targets you want to achieve.

The only difference is the immediacy of the channel, the visibility of all feedback and the potential to turn the media channel into a distribution channel. The best part of the guide is the conversation prism by Brian Solis.

It shows the complexity of social media and the complexity of the marketing mix.

Start with marketing

And it should start with marketing before you start with social media. Which is why we have written another guide.

All feedback welcome

As we said in our e-zine. We are happy with any feedback, we are happy to have them ripped apart, criticised, improved and rewritten. We are not the experts, we are the platform to allow experts to share their lessons and learning. You can leave your feedback underneath this blog, you can e-mail or go to our forum.