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Why Our Start-up Left Amsterdam for Dublin

Recently relocated from Amsterdam, social start-up FRANK ABOUT TEA has chosen Dublin as launchpad for their monthly subscription service for high-quality loose tea. With Ireland boosting the highest tea consumption per capita, this seems like a logical move, but that isn’t why they’ve decided to join the ranks of online-based startups from abroad flocking to the city. Employees at Google Dublin have been chosen as a test market to validate the product and receive early access to the first batch of subscription boxes.

Typically, tea companies buy their tea at the auction in Asia or Africa through a bunch of brokers, and the tea undergoes a long blending process once it reaches Europe. Up to 6 months later, you pick your tea off the supermarket shelf. FRANK ABOUT TEA claims to do it in less than 3 weeks, sourced straight from East Africa to your office desk. ‘Forget fair trade or organic labels’ they say. ‘Let’s just be damn honest about the way products are produced. Let’s be frank!’

A successful closed beta was undertaken last month for customers based in London, Dublin and Amsterdam. If the business model is proven at Google, FRANK about tea will soon be offering their online subscription service to consumers globally, dispatched from Dublin straight through letterboxes worldwide, thanks to Anpost’s competitive postage fees.

Customers are increasingly demanding convenience and healthier products, it remains to be seen if FRANK can cater to this demand. They are launching their waiting list for Googlers Tuesday evening during a small gathering hosted in the Bank of Ireland’s ‘startup workbench’, an emerging hotspot for entrepreneurs offering free hot desks and drinks.  

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