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Start-up Story: JamJo

We started making websites when we were quite young. Our first ever website (and subsequent dogs dinner!) was built at the tender age of 16.

This was the wild west era, pre-broadband and of course pre-WordPress. When your modem would make alien noises while it was dialing up and no one had ever heard of fancy gizmos such as iPhones.

When we weren’t busy robbing music from Napster, myself and James (the Jam in JamJo!) played in a local Cork band. Music didn’t put a solitary crumb of bread on anyones table so we put websites together to subsidise our nightly rocking sessions. This is where we cut our cloth. Literally finishing projects to pay for microphones!

In the beginning it was simple websites for smaller startups around Cork. Demand for our service slowly grew and remained steady over the years while we were in college allowing us the luxury of not having to live on beans for 4 years!

When college finished (I did Graphic Design in CIT and James did Business Information Systems in UCC) we knew it was worth making a go of the business proper.

Since then its been tough but rewarding. Our client list has grown month on month and to date we’ve completed web projects for companies from Singapore to Sydney, from Dublin to New York.

What initially started out as a simple web design service has developed into a full suite of web solutions including eCommerce websites, online communities, e learning, online publishing and more. We’ve also developed some nationally recognised brands to boot.

If you’d like JamJo to work with you on your next web project, complete our Get A Quote form or call us on 021 242 8361.

About JamJo

JamJo is a web design and development agency based in Cork, Ireland. We specialise in the design, build, hosting and support of WordPress powered websites for clients all over the globe. View our Portfolio.

Written by Jon Carroll. For more information visit

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