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Start-up Story: Mahon Digital Marketing

In the space of under 5 years Mahon Digital has moved from being a home business to having two international offices, 6 permanent staff and a growing client base including start-ups and large corporations. In Finland the business is now competing with some of the largest digital agencies with a view to become a key player in the market within a few years. Thanks to its multicultural staff, Mahon Digital has also entered other European and English speaking markets including Denmark and Australia.

We are a young international digital and inbound marketing agency. We provide startups, SMEs and large corporations in the UK, Scandinavia and Asia with innovative digital strategies.

Why did we start

I launched the company after working for some of the biggest media agencies in London, UK and felt that I had the relevant experience to start an agency of my own. I was dropped out of work force due to going on maternity back in 2009, hence I had some time to think about my next steps as a professional. In order to work flexibly around my young family, I decided it was time to start my own company and spread my wings to see how far I can get.

Where do we see it going

Mahon Digital is always growing and in the next five years it would be good to see the business having a global presence with clients in all continents.

Another branch of the business, The Caviar Club, has established itself as an innovator in the Finnish business networking event market and regularly attracts numerous sponsors and more than 100 attendees at each event.

The UK market is also growing pretty quickly with bigger clients coming in all the time, so we can hope that within 5 years Mahon Digital will be part of the top 100 digital agencies in the country.

Another objective is to become the leading digital marketing agency in Finland, a market that is currently less competitive than the UK market and offers great opportunities for ambitious companies. Many businesses are not really aware of SEO, PPC or other digital marketing channels over there, making it the ideal target for growth. So for the growth in Finland has been extremely strong and has led to the recruitment of more permanent staff to support the clients’ needs.

There are a range of initiatives taken by Mahon Digital to ensure growth and one of the most important is to hire more skilled staff to keep customer satisfaction high. Without the right people it is very hard to retain customers and build loyalty.

Having a clear business strategy and plans for growth is also key so we are always looking at new opportunities, potential partnerships in order to have a long term plan.

What we have learned

I have learned several thing, but most of all I’ve learned to firmly believe in my own, strong vision of success and not stop believing during weaker times. Being an entrepreneur and a business owner is always an unpredictable role to be in, however I’ve learned to discover that I’m stronger than I sometimes think and I know this is my dream career and the path I want to follow for the rest of my working life. This is my passion and will always be.

Tips for other businesspeople starting out

Surround yourself with a pool of skilled and talented people that can support you and your business growth. You do not need to do it all on your own, nor can you. In order to focus on our specialism, we all need a firm and stable network of people around us to achieve our goals. Always remember, sky is the limit and nothing is impossible, however you have to be ready to put the energy, effort and hours in! Nothing good comes easy.

Written by Saija Mahon. For more information visit

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