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Steve Jobs Lived In A Dreamworld

We all want to live our business dreams. Wether that dream is to create a global company or simply to create a company that survives, either way we all have dreams.

Jobs helped to build not simply a technological marvel but a technological driver. The standard for mass market and mass produced electronic goods has been raised. Yes it is fair to say that Jobs is not the sole reason why Apple has it’s market dominance, but he is the main reason.

Having and living your dream

Steve Jobs had and lived his dream. He helped create something that dominated global technology for the past decade. But what we often forget is that Apple Inc. started from a small place. When apple launched it’s Apple 1 in 1976 it had no mouse, no screen and no keyboard. It was orginally designed as a motherboard, meaning it was far less sophisticated than what we know as modern computers.

At one stage Apple Inc. was a small business too and not the €150bn company it is today. He too started in a pokey little office at the end of a hallway. He too had sleepless nights and endless regurgitation of facts and figures as well as any other SME.

Dream big

I’m not writing this to say that one day you to can take on the globe, I’m not quite as formulaic as that. But what we as small businesses can learn is that it is good to live in a dreamworld when it comes to your business. To reach the moon, aim for the stars and like Steve Jobs you can get to that business dreamworld. It’s ok to dream and dream big, for without the dreams and aspirations why are any of us in business?

Jobs was a man who lived in a dreamworld by helping to create breathtaking technology that would change forever how live, work and play. With the touch of a screen you can find anything in the world. What he dreamt, people used. What he saw, opened eyes.

Perhaps we should all be looking to start our own little dreamworlds.

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