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Story Telling, Milestones and Targets

The starting point is easy, you are about to start or have just started a business. The problem with a lot of start up companies is a very poor definition of where they want to be. So you need to define where you want to be and be as specific as possible in the form of targets and milestones.

Strategy is very simple:

  • You need to know where you are
  • You need to know where you want to be
  • You than need to figure out how to get there

The targets are specific and measurable, the milestone are the key things you need to achieve in the first and second year and illustrate the highlights in the “story” of your business.

Try this exercise below. Don’t be concerned if you cannot complete the exercise in the level of detail suggested. The purpose is to give you a sense of direction – you can fill in the gaps in later. The story, the milestones and the targets will start giving you a sense of the resourcing you will need in terms of money, management team, staff and time.

Write the story of your business for the next five years. What is it going to look like, what is the journey, where will it be in 5 years time? Develop a picture of your business in 5 years time.

What are the 4 keys achievements you need in year 1?
What are the 3 key achievements you need in year 2?


  • Set detailed targets for your business’ performance
  • Money
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Profit
  • People

Every year, you should set yourself targets for the next year, keeping in mind your five year plan, which sets out the direction of your business.