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Struggling with your Christmas “To Do” list? Here’s how to de-stress…

Struggling with your Christmas “To Do” list? Here’s how to de-stress…


1. Take a mini vacation
Close your eyes. Imagine being at your favourite relaxing spot. Be there. Feel the sensations. Hear the sounds.

2. Do something creative such as painting, drama or writing

It will get the right-hand side of your brain active and will allow your left-hand side to relax.

3. Recognise what you can control and what you can’t
Accept that what you can’t control is not worth worrying about. Only deal with what you can control.

4. Zap worrying about things you have no control over
by exaggerating the situation to the impossibly ridiculous. Have a good laugh!

5. Clearly understand what you wish to achieve each year..
…quarter, month, week and especially each day. This gives you control over what is happening in your life.

6. Overcome being overwhelmed by listing all the tasks you face
Determine your three priorities, those that can wait, and those that have to be dropped for a while.

7. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly

Do this three times. This signals your body to start relaxing.

8. Reduce the amount of news you read and watch
You don’t need the stress and most of the time you don’t need to know the information. Use the time to read a book or write.

9. Reduce the chatter..
…in your head by writing out whatever comes to mind. Less head chatter means fewer distractions and less stress.

10. Take time to sit in silence, focusing on your breath
This form of meditation clears the chatter in your head and increases your sense of ease.

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