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Success Strategies – No Excuses!

There is a subtle difference between an excuse and a reason. Reasons are grounded in truth. Excuses are born from fear. It is very easy to use the truth of your past as an excuse for the fear of your future. For example, ‘I didn’t go to college (truth) so I can never run a successful business (fearful excuse)’ or ‘my childhood was miserable (truth) so I can never be happy (fearful excuse)’.

Reasons state the truth of the past or present. Excuses express the fear of the future.

Find your excuses

Who or what are you blaming? Who or what are you using to justify staying stuck or unfulfilled or limited? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Be honest with yourself and identify one area of your life where you are using a reason (truth) as an excuse. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Complete the following sentence at least 5 times; ‘My life would be perfect if I was ….’

When you’ve done that, you now have a list of who and what you want to be. You also have a very important choice to make. You can decide to deal with the fear and take more responsibility for your own happiness from this moment on or you can continue to use fearful excuses to limit yourself. It’s your call.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to be determined to make your life a happier experience and more rewarding for yourself.

What you most want from others – respect, attention, love – give it yourself in the knowledge that as you give it away you receive it in abundance.

By doing this you create a world you will come to recognise as in tune with the essence of who you really are and what you really want to be part of.

Live from a place of truth rather than a place of fear.

The willingness to look becomes the foundation of the freedom we deserve, breaking a spell of fear and shortcoming.

Strategise your life for happiness.

In that process all you’re really doing is being kinder to yourself.