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Suggestion Selling?

You can sell more products to your customer aside from the item that they are currently buying. This is possible through suggestion selling. Suggestion selling is selling necessary additional goods and services to the customer. It involves selling customers complementary items that will ultimately save them time and money, or makes the original purchase more enjoyable.


Where’s my extension lead!?

For example, consider the customer who buys a lawnmower, takes it home, and only then realizes that he or she has no extension electrical lead for it. That means another trip to the shop before it can be used. The salesperson would have had a sale by suggesting an extension lead as an additional purchase. In addition complementary items such as clippers, trimmers etc would be within the complementary family.

Suggestion selling benefits all the parties. You the salesperson will benefit because the customers will want to do business with you again. Your customer benefits because he or she is pleased with the original purchase. The firm benefits because the time and cost involved in suggestion selling is less than the cost of making the original sale.

Some of you will be naturals in this area. For those who are not natural, you can become very effective salespeople if you model yourself on the following sale tactics.



Timing is very important. Make the original sale and then in the time space between this and the payment, start suggesting complementary items. This intervention by you needs to be perceived by the customer as a desire on your part to help them to have a better experience from their purchase. In reality it’s a mutual experience.

Support your suggestion with your strongest evidence from the customer’s perspective. If you start giving too many reasons you will dilute your argument. Having made the suggestion in the form of a question, keep silent and let the customer respond. The first person who breaks the silence will loose. Make sure you keep in charge of the process.


Involve the customer

Get the customer involved in creating a better solution for them. You need to match their predominant communication / personality type. If the customer is a touchy / feeling type person, then get them to take the item into their hand. Then they will become attached to it and thank you for your concern. This leads to a repeat customer.

You need to set them up so that they are buying from you rather than you selling to them. You do this by playing to their ego. If you do this effectively, then you will be able to bank the resultant extra revenue.