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A Small Business’s Guide to PPC

The core principles behind PPC are really quite simple. Your advert will appear during a relevant consumer search on keywords that you define and you pay a fee, based on the amount of competition around those keywords, if the consumer clicks on your ad. In this way PPC advertising is one […]

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Google Ads Banner Campaign 101

Creating a Google Ads banner campaign is a good choice for anyone just beginning advertising campaigns. Google has a built in Adsense network in which your ads will be displayed. Users will see your ads on Google search results pages and on websites which are part of Google’s Adsense network, […]

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The Benefits of Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

For your PPC campaign to work optimally, you need to keep up with the changing trends and technological innovations in the online marketplace. Since the goal is to attract traffic and convert them into customers, you need to understand the consumer behaviour of your target customers. This will enable you […]

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