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3 Ways to Face Complex Data With Confidence

“Big data” has become such a powerful trend among businesses that at least 75% of all companies are planning to have invested in data initiatives within the next two years. Not too long ago, only big corporations had the means to work with powerful data science platforms. In the past […]

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5 Data Tips for Small Businesses

While the blue chips talk about big data, I’m rather excited about small data. Little things that can educate us as business owners, and give us an edge over the competition. I’m excited about how the data that we’ve always held can transform the way we do business, and the […]

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What Can I Track With Google Analytics

For businesses that sell online, your website does one vital thing; it acts as your shop, it allows people to make purchases and chances are, if it doesn’t do well, your business will fail. So naturally, it is vitally important that you constantly market your website and increase your traffic […]

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Taking Your Business Online

Data from Internet Retailer has predicted that global internet sales will surpass $1.25 trillion dollars in 2013. There’s also data that shows that online marketing will grow by 14% in 2013 while traditional marketing will experience a 1% decline. I can keep citing data from various sources to prove the […]

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