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3 Ways to Face Complex Data With Confidence

“Big data” has become such a powerful trend among businesses that at least 75% of all companies are planning to have invested in data initiatives within the next two years. Not too long ago, only big corporations had the means to work with powerful data science platforms. In the past […]

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Hackathon + Conference: Travel Meets Big Data

The first B.U.I.L.D Challenge event titled “Travel Meets Big Data”, consists of a Hackathon + Conference happening between the 18th and the 20th of November 2016 in Dublin’s city centre! The B.U.I.L.D Challenge is a European series of technology events enabling innovation and the creation of commercially viable ideas and prototypes […]

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Cool Ways To Use Big Data

The human race has come a long way since the introduction of computers like the Commodore 64. The days when 64 kilobytes of data seemed like a lot of information are long gone. Man has surpassed the megabyte, the gigabyte, pushed past the tera byte, and even the Petabyte is […]

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What is Big Data, Exactly?

Today, the world is interconnected by Internet based applications and devices. People consume more data than ever. The amount of data generated and consumed by businesses, social networks and machines are multiplying every year. Data is no longer measured in megabytes. It is measured in petabytes these days. The exponential […]

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