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business netwroking and sex

Business Networking and Sex

Ivan Misner is mister networking and the founder of BNI (Business Network International). He wrote this book “Business Networking and Sex” with two other network experts. One male expert and one female expert. This is significant as the book is based on a survey of 12,000 business, 50% male, 50% […]

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Klout or Harvard?

What is your Klout score? My Klout score is 55, my Peerindex score is 60, my Kredscore is 658, my PROskore is 50, my twittercounter shows steady increase, although there was a serious dip in followers on the 2nd of September where 2, 157 stopped following me. I posted a […]

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Culture as a weapon?

Culture is the last battle ground for business. Everything else can and will be commoditised due to technology, the web and the speed in which things can be copied. This is a particular opportunity for small businesses. It very difficult to develop and change culture in a big organisation. Imagine […]

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The books to read this summer

We normally write an article for the summer break with suggested books for you to consider when you are re-charging your batteries. Due to the weather we forgot it was summer. In some ways that is good news as the weather will keep you inside with lots of time to […]

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Innovation and “DUH”

The wide lens is yet another book about innovation. We have covered a wide range of the books with our clients. “The Innovators DNA”, “Open Service Innovation”, “Demand”, “Creativity unlimited”, “Flash foresight”, etc.. Some are future babble, some focus on creativity, other focus on the execution. None has ever covered […]

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