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‘Tech Exits’ Breakfast Seminar

This free breakfast seminar explains how to plan and execute a profitable exit strategy for tech firms. Speakers include Conor O’Connor, managing partner at Enterprise Equity, and Dominic Conlon, head of digital business at Leman Solicitors.

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Compliance Breakfast – Getting Ready for 2017

With new Regulations nearing completion, the Data Commissioner’s office has doubled in size, and has recently moved into new offices in Dublin city centre. Organisations are already planning to put solutions in place in order to be ready  for the new General Data Protection Regulation in 2017. The IDMA is running two events to keep you up to speed.

In our first event, we will look at the key elements of the proposed new Regulations, and the implications these will have for data management activities and organisational structures.

In addition, our guest speaker will give an overview of their recent ‘Rule 5 Campaign’, where they re-visited their legacy data and ‘breathed new life’ into client contact details which had gone past their 12-month ‘use by’ date. Data-driven marketing is not just about the content and the timing – it takes your data assets into account, and helps you to better understand the value that is already locked up in your CRM database.

Registration and breakfast from 7.30am, seminar from 8 – 9.30am.

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Nure Net Business Breakfast Club, Dublin

Nure Net Business Breakfast Club is a business networking forum for businesses based in the Terenure area.  We meet every fortnight and it allows our members to:

  • Showcase their business
  • Increase their B2B opportunities
  • Increase their profile within the Terenure area
  • And ultimately ….. grow their business

If you would like to join us – just register and see you there!


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