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The Importance of Effective Communication in Business

Communication is important to businesses because it helps everyone tackle their daily operations efficiently. Without Effective Communication in Business, the external and internal structure on a business will crumple. Sales And Client Communication There are two types of communication, which are two-way communication and one-way communication. One-way communication occurs when […]

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Useful Business Skills Outside of the Workplace

While you might question the practical value of some areas of formal education, the day to day usefulness of many business skills cannot be disputed. This is true because success in business is highly dependent of effective communication, and communicating is something you will be called on to do continually […]

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Best Business Smartphone: Android vs. iOS

For quite some time, the only option available for businessmen and women looking to carry out work tasks on their smartphones was to buy a BlackBerry. However, the rapid development in touch-screen technology, and consequentially user interfaces, has allowed devices running on Android and iOS software to claim a substantial […]

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Understanding social media users

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate with each other and how companies communicate with society. The most common social networks (SN) are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+. Understand how people use SN can guide us when attracting and communicating with customers. This article is based on┬áresearch conducted by […]

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