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4 Exciting Ways to Grow your Business

As the fall-out from Brexit continues, so too does the economic impact throughout the UK. British manufacturing has recently shrank at its fastest pace in more than three years, for example, while business confidence has also tumbled significantly. With this in mind, the notion of growing your business may seem […]

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14 Reasons Why Being an Entrepreneur Is Awesome

You have probably often thought how being an entrepreneur is hard. Managing your business, if of course, quite stressful and requires a lot of your time and full dedication. Besides the need to manage your employees, finances and regular day-to-day tasks of running a business, you need to come with […]

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Functional Furniture For The Growing Business

Keep your fancy stand up desks and your massage chairs, as a growing business you understand the importance of functionality, of getting the job done and not wasting precious budget on furniture that doesn’t meet the needs of you and your employees. A small business requires furniture that functions appropriately […]

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5 Negotiation Mistakes That Could Cripple Your Revenue

The most essential skills in the business world are negotiating skills. If one is unable to negotiate logically, persuasively and fairly, it could jeopardize his/her business or miss out great opportunities as a result. In an attempt to argue persuasively, participants more often rely on illogical arguments that are rational […]

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Five Ways to Grow Your Business

With your competition never giving you a break, it’s important to build and maintain your market share. Here are five ways to grow your business in the modern business landscape. Organize the Budget Making sure that your budget is in order for the next months ahead of time is one […]

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Climb a mountain!

Last weekend I climbed Croagh Patrick along with two of my brothers and one of our nephews. The mountain stands 2,500 feet high, located outside Westport in Co Mayo. And having climbed it, I have huge admiration for anybody that has climbed such mountains like Kilimanjaro! Croagh Patrick is no […]

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3 Ways to streamline your business processes

As your business grows, your job within your business changes. At some point you get to go from working at your business (everyday tasks) to working on your business. One of the most important ways you can work on your business is to streamline and improve business processes. By doing […]

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