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7 Rules for a Successful Business Plan

For a newbie, the market is full of opportunities and countless possibilities, and having a revolutionary idea might just be a hit among the consumers. As a budding entrepreneur, launching your business in the market is a pretty scary but exciting feeling. But these ideas are of no use if […]

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Composing the Perfect Business Plan

A business plan serves two essential functions. First, it is the first step most banks or other sources of private capital require prior to making a decision regarding a loan or allocation of start-up resources. Second, it allows individuals to analytically evaluate the feasibility of a new business venture or […]

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How to Work Out Sales Projections

In the context of business planning, it would be fair to say that producing financial projections is the most teeth-clenching, hair –tearing, sweat-inducing, sanity-defying task of them all. This is particularly true with regard to sales or revenue calculations. The business is judged by its sales, and your sales projections […]

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eLearning – Super Fast and Very Efficient

eLearning has become a key feature within organizations instead of the traditional classroom training techniques, the main driving force behind companies moving towards eLearning is the cost, with an estimated 85% of every pound spent on classroom training, spent delivering it. The costs are so high with classroom training due […]

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Creating a Successful Employee Reward Program: 6 Key Strategies to Consider

Today’s workforce is more diversified than ever. And companies looking to leverage this rich and vast resource of multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-lingual employees for competitive edge are finding employee reward programs very effective for upping employee satisfaction, spurring motivation and increasing productivity. Small businesses have the advantage of creating the […]

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Why Upgrade Your ERP System

SO, why upgrade your ERP system? ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are a major investment for any business. After the initial investment, making the decision of when and how to update the existing system can be a daunting task. When assessing the need to make such a sizeable investment, it […]

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Business Planning: Plan to Fail, Fail to Plan

Business planning and implementing a business strategy is more than simply achieving business goals. It inspires people to work hard, makes the team feel part of a purpose; it incites actions and ensures that activities happen. Simply constructed, effectively executed, a business strategy is a template for business success. Take […]

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5 Apps for Planning Success

Working in a small business has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand you can get to know your small team well and on the other you don’t have an enormous budget or personal assistant at your disposal. As busy business women we are always on the go and time […]

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Managing Cashflow for Growth

Cashflow is not just accountant-speak. Cashflow is all around you. Case in point: as a business owner, you might have had the experience of coming up with a brilliant revenue idea, with the potential for huge profits, but you had to let it go. Why? Because you didn’t have the […]

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