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4 Avoidable Mistakes That Cost Businesses Time And Money

In our day and age, it pays to eliminate organizational inefficiencies. What with foreign competition, and a huge market of global consumers, a successful business knows how to innovate in order to succeed. Following are four key mistakes that the best companies avoid. 1. No Courage Warren Buffett once observed, “Be fearful when […]

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Six Reasons Why Small Businesses Succeed

Historically, small businesses have had to work far harder than their larger-sized counterparts in order to stay afloat. Given the benefits of emerging technologies and the ability to market services and goods online, however, the average small company has a much greater chance of succeeding. Following are Six Reasons Why […]

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FOCUS – The Key to Success

We all know we need to Focus in order to achieve something special. We know it is the magic ingredient that will determine our success or failure. But what is it? How do we get it and most importantly how do we maintain it to get what we want? Because […]

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How To Retain Good Staff

You know when you’ve got a good member of staff. They are productive, live the business vision, get along well with other employees, are well respected, and show initiative and drive. Moreover, they can still be themselves. It’s therefore even more critical for a small business to hold onto a […]

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Climb a mountain!

Last weekend I climbed Croagh Patrick along with two of my brothers and one of our nephews. The mountain stands 2,500 feet high, located outside Westport in Co Mayo. And having climbed it, I have huge admiration for anybody that has climbed such mountains like Kilimanjaro! Croagh Patrick is no […]

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