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Coworking in Newcastle County Down

Bayview Synergy Space in conjunction with WabiSabi Coworking Community  invite you to come and get some sea and mountain air into your lungs, do some work and meet some people in the new coworking space at Bayview, Newcastle.

Ticket price covers lunch from a local food provider so it will be fresh and tasty. Tea / coffee provided plus of course broadband through a dedicated line.

We will include at least one talk and a chance for you to meet new contacts.

  • Bring a wifi-enabled laptop and just work away.
  • Work, chat, problem-solve and collaborate
Read more and register to attend.

Image credit: Bayview Synergy Space

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Can We Trust Our Charities?

We are punch-drunk in Ireland and across the globe by cases of catastrophic and hugely damaging failures in corporate governance. Every decade brings up a new batch of even more spectacular breakdowns in governance, where those charged with the stewardship and oversight of their organisations, seem to have been asleep […]

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