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4 Steps to a Peaceful Employee Exit

An issue with an employee has come to a head and you can no longer tolerate them in your company. Or you’ve found that the business needs to downsize and eliminate some people. Either way, you have the unenviable task of letting an employee go. An employee might also quit. […]

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What Should Your Company Brochure Look Like?

Booklets and brochures are one of the most popular printed media tools used by companies today. This is because they send out a very strong message to the targeted audience. They speak about the professionalism of the company, its orientation towards high quality products and of course, the desire to […]

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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Everyone who has ever worked inside an office is familiar with this – colleagues butting heads and locking horns. It’s also known as office politics. Because everyone in any given office doesn’t always agree and they seldom have the same personalities, it is inevitable for people to argue about something; […]

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