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How to Stay Consistent with Your Blogging

We all have heard the importance of blogging. Some use it to build their personal brand. Some use it to generate leads. But everyone suffers the same fate… writer’s block and inconsistency. This post is written to provide you tips in how to blog consistently and find ways to create […]

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Business Blogging – A Sneak Peek

In order to keep pace with the competition of the virtual world, it is increasingly important to enhance one’s web presence. And any measure that you take to do the same will yield results provided you adhere to the norms of online marketing concepts. Business blogging is one of the […]

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Build Your Personal Brand The Right Way

If you want to launch a successful startup, you have two different branding strategies to consider. The first is your company brand. Of course, you are probably hard at work developing that. The second is your personal brand. Why is a Personal Brand Important for an Entrepreneur? When people read […]

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Create Content that Sells – Workshop – Dublin 13th May

At this month’s workshop you’ll learn how to use content, and specifically blogs, to sell your products. We’ll see how a British online retailer managed to turnover £141million in sales in 2013 with just 8 web staff members, 4 of which are hired to do CONTENT alone. And you’ll learn much more, including how to write, what to write and how often to write and even who to outsource to. Register now at

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