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It is all About the Customer

In a world of increasingly personalised products and services, where customisation is king, the modern successful entrepreneur succeeds because he or she is willing to compromise their vision to suit the market. Ok, with a massive marketing budget you can create want but this is expensive and difficult to sustain […]

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Connecting with Customers

Connecting with Customers: Whilst you may associate building bridges with a management or leadership role, the same principals do however apply when looking to sell your product or service to potential customers. The difference here is HOW you build that bridge, the platforms that you use to establish a sturdy […]

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Sales Professionalism

Last year I attended a business expo in the Midlands. One of the speakers was John Conconnan, His story condensed:  Started with an idea, and with a little bit of guile, got his first order for a bucket to feed calves, and hasn’t looked back in the plastic manufacturing […]

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