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The Importance of Speedy Delivery Times

With a huge number of businesses currently using ecommerce as a route to market and others looking to add online shopping as part of their service, customers around the globe usually expect the process of ordering products online as standard practice. Furthermore, following a purchase, these consumers assume their delivery will arrive as […]

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Handy Tools to Excel at Client Servicing

Just as you’re about to close the deal and finalize things, the client calls “I just remembered, I need to make a few amendments. Can you send an updated statement to our address?” and your day turns becomes rather unpleasant. But there’s no alternative. Keeping clients satisfied is a priority […]

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Dublin Customer Success Meet-up

Come join us on First Dublin Customer Success Meet-up of 2015, on March 19th in the LinkedIn Dublin office to gain an insight into how companies like Hubspot and BMC Software are building their strategies for success!


8:00-8:30am – Arrive & Welcome

8:30-8:45am – Phil O’ Doherty, Onboarding & Consulting Manager and Colleen Carney, Director of International Services at Hubspot: How Hubspot does Customer Success.

8:45-9:00am – Q&A

9:00-9:15am – Engel Martin, Head of Customer Success at BMC Software: Bringing your Customer Success Plan to Life.

9:15-9:30am – Q&A

9:30-10:15am – Group discussion/ open networking

10:15-10:30am – Wrap up & close

Join the Dublin Customer Success Group on LinkedIn to hear about up-coming events that are taking place and to start the conversation!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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How to Start Selling Online

Opening an online store is a big step for any business. Although e-commerce technology has moved a long way in recent years making selling online manageable and affordable for small business a diverse digital skill set and investment are still required to start selling online. Once you have validated your […]

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6 Website Annoyances Your Customers Hate

If you want to keep your website visitors happy, you must thoroughly plan your site’s every little detail. Even the greatest webmasters make the mistake of annoying users. Avoid the following six website annoyances and learn why they’re detrimental to the success of your website. With this knowledge, you will […]

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8 Reasons Why Customer Service Fails

The right kind of customer service can make the difference between satisfying a customer’s basic expectations and building the brand loyalty that will bring that customer back, but many businesses still struggle to make this essential service work. Some of the most common reasons for these failures occur because employees […]

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3 Rules for Good Customer Service

High levels of competition is prevalent in most niches and markets today. No matter what product or service you want to sell, there is always someone else trying to sell the exact same thing to your potential customers. So why would a customer choose to buy the product from you? […]

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