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Lessons Your Pop Up Store Can Learn From E-commerce

There’s no doubt e-commerce is taking over the retail landscape. But predictions of the death of the high street are misguided. Brick and mortar stores still have a lot to offer and can actually learn from the online giants to adapt their services. Here’s what popup store operators can learn […]

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5 Steps to Collecting Better Email Subscriber Data

Two key aims of Email Marketing for any business: Generate more new customers Improve engagement and upsell to existing Customers To achieve both of the above , I recommend these 5 steps to collecting better email subscriber data. The collection of good subscriber data is pretty key when it comes […]

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5 Data Tips for Small Businesses

While the blue chips talk about big data, I’m rather excited about small data. Little things that can educate us as business owners, and give us an edge over the competition. I’m excited about how the data that we’ve always held can transform the way we do business, and the […]

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