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Small Businesses Boosted by Ecommerce

The Capital Economics SME Growth Tracker suggests that small businesses using digital tools and e-commerce had more positive outlooks compared to firms that weren’t completely embracing the modern digital economy. The Growth Tracker is commissioned by Amazon UK and Enterprise Nation, and it showed small businesses making use of e-commerce […]

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Create Content that Sells – Workshop – Dublin 13th May

At this month’s workshop you’ll learn how to use content, and specifically blogs, to sell your products. We’ll see how a British online retailer managed to turnover £141million in sales in 2013 with just 8 web staff members, 4 of which are hired to do CONTENT alone. And you’ll learn much more, including how to write, what to write and how often to write and even who to outsource to. Register now at

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How to Start Selling Online

Opening an online store is a big step for any business. Although e-commerce technology has moved a long way in recent years making selling online manageable and affordable for small business a diverse digital skill set and investment are still required to start selling online. Once you have validated your […]

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The Future of E-commerce for SMEs

Since the late 2000s e-commerce has grown at a rapid rate. Innovations have been pioneered by big players in the market and due to advances in technology small retailers have been able to adopt these innovations also. With companies such as Shopify providing e-commerce solutions and market places such as […]

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Best Social Media Campaigns 2014

Best Social Media Campaigns 2014: For many brands, social media is the bed rock of their digital marketing strategy. With a keen understanding of your audience, a dash of creativity and some good content, social media allows you to communicate with audiences and make your brand stand out. Many brands […]

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3 Essentials for E-Commerce Sites

Let’s face it: it’s a big world out there for the online shopper, with thousands of vendors for every need and demand. That said, the competition is vast for any online store and business, and the need to have a presentable, functioning website is important. Sometimes the poor quality of an E-Commerce site […]

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Consumer Psychology and E-Commerce Checkouts

It is increasingly difficult for new brands to forge a successful business venture online with the vast competitive e-commerce landscape to negotiate. There are millions of businesses online vying for consumer’s attention and their valued purchases. For those who do succeed at securing regular healthy traffic levels (usually due to […]

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Setting Up An Ecommerce Website

Selling online has become one of the cornerstones of most businesses. The ability to have a virtual shop, open 24/7 to everyone around the world can breath new life into a business, brand or product. Setting it up however can be daunting for most. It can seem it is more […]

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