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EyeSeeGames: Educational Spelling Solution

The Dyce educational spelling software is available now for home download. Complement language lessons with a game that enhances spelling and visual awareness? EyeSeeGames have a fantastic offer for parents to download and use the Dyce spelling software in their home. By purchasing either the English or Gaeilge editions of […]

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Why Learning Outcomes Need More Focus

Now that the focus has shifted from technique to outcome in the learning industry, it is time to put even more focus on the outcomes in order to affect a better result. The shift from technique to outcome was a long time coming and it places more emphasis on the […]

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Teach kids to operate like entrepreneurs

Universities have just about started (they need their break).  Education is a big of bugbear of mine. I have written regularly on how our education system is NOT preparing my children and your children for the future. Ken, Seth and Charles I’m largely informed by Ken Robinson. (Watch him on […]

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