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5 Top Tips For Seasonal Staff Management

Whether it’s for the summer holidays or the Christmas rush, employing seasonal staff is a convenient way to flex your staff resources at short notice. However, like permanent full-time or part-time employees, they will need careful managing – and this is where problems can occur. From their work ethic to […]

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Why Millennials Struggle in the Workplace

The most daunting problem faced by companies nowadays is retention of their workforce – particularly millennials. Millennials are those who are born in 1984 and onwards. We heard it all: “They are so entitled.” “They take everything for granted.” “They expect too much.” It’s very easy to point fingers and […]

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4 Steps to a Peaceful Employee Exit

An issue with an employee has come to a head and you can no longer tolerate them in your company. Or you’ve found that the business needs to downsize and eliminate some people. Either way, you have the unenviable task of letting an employee go. An employee might also quit. […]

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Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

With the era we live in it’s almost become a commodity to work in the field you’ve schooled for. Usually, most of people find themselves working jobs they are not that passionate about either because those bring money or because they were the first thing offered to them after getting […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Employees

The more motivated your employees are the more valuable they are to you.  The adage that “you get out of something what you put into it” definetly applies to the employer-employee relationship.   The Dale Carnegie Training organization recently came out with a study that found that only 45% of managers […]

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Hiring Employees: Degrees To Look For

It is every small business owners dream for their business to succeed. As the owner of a business you must deal with breaking into your niche, competing with larger businesses, and ensuring that all aspects of your business is operating in a manner that will benefit the business. While your […]

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Improve Employee Performance on a Budget

Small businesses don’t have the liberty to put in place an expensive and time taking process of motivation and performance enhancement to improve the performance of their employees and in turn improve business profitability. They have limited resources in terms of man power and money and they need to make […]

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What Drives Employee Engagement?

Many things can make a company successful whether it is good products, efficient customer service, effective and modern technologies or cost effective methods. Yet all of these things become redundant if they are handled by a disengaged workforce. Studies prove that companies with engaged and motivated employees highly outperform those […]

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