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Here’s How the Big Guys Hire Talent

Nowadays, start-up companies are all the rage as it is comparatively easier to venture into the business world with just a plan in hand. However, it is still prevalent that many new business owners lack the experience in terms of hiring the right employees. Ever wondered what goes on in […]

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9 Essentials to Become a Nurtured Business Leader

Being a great leader isn’t a piece of cake. Experience plays a key role here. As per the successful entrepreneurs, “Experience makes leader perfect” While a leader’s activities may be scrutinized when things aren’t going well around, it is their leadership traits that keep the organization strong and shine through […]

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Which Colour Converts the Highest?

THE BIG RED BUTTON! It must be that right? What about ORANGE! Amazon uses that for their “Buy Now” buttons. If these billion dollar companies use these colours, it must have been researched and tested right? RIGHT?! Right. But that’s just half the picture. Universally, both men and women are […]

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5 Startup Marketing Ideas that Don’t Cost a Cent

The average startup doesn’t have a lot of capital. According to the Small Business Administration, the average entrepreneur spends $30,000 launching a startup. However, other businesses are started for less than $3000 Entrepreneurs that start businesses on tight budgets often lose perspective and spend too much on marketing. This can […]

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Easy Ways That You Can Create Green Office Space

A successful business is all about productivity and the balance between resources and output. When it comes to small businesses that do not necessarily have large budgets for investment, recruitment and other resources, creative solutions are more important than ever. Creating an office space that enables small business employees to […]

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Intertradeireland Business Monitor Reveals Continued Uncertainty Following Brexit

Widespread nervousness among businesses The latest quarterly InterTradeIreland Business Monitor Report (July – September 2016) paints a mixed economic picture that reflects a widespread nervousness and sense of uncertainty among the business community in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Lowest growth level for three years While 32% of businesses still say […]

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Why Millennials Struggle in the Workplace

The most daunting problem faced by companies nowadays is retention of their workforce – particularly millennials. Millennials are those who are born in 1984 and onwards. We heard it all: “They are so entitled.” “They take everything for granted.” “They expect too much.” It’s very easy to point fingers and […]

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5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity This Winter

Maintaining high levels of productivity is always challenging. However, in cold, gray winters it is often close on impossible. Getting that pressing work completed is not nearly as appealing as curling up under a blanket with a good book or watching the latest blockbuster movie. Two things are for certain, […]

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