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How to Get More Genuine Customer Feedback

Customer research is integral to the success of any business. Without knowledge of your target demographics’ needs and preferences, your product or service may never be sold. However, eliciting customer feedback isn’t always as easy as it seems. The feedback you get may not provide you with the kind of […]

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Ways to Strengthen Customer Relations

Regardless of whether you run a PR agency or a fashion boutique, customer loyalty plays a key role in your company’s success. After all, the energy it takes to retain your current clientele should be substantially less than the necessary effort to recruit new buyers. What’s more, a fiercely allegiant […]

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Defending Against Defensiveness

OK, marks out of 10 on the defensiveness scale for the following remark: “He’s being defensive – I’m just realistic”. Personally, I’d give it a 9½. I consider myself: pragmatic; expert; honest and forthright. You consider me: resistant, argumentative, cynical and rude. I think I’m simply giving you the benefit […]

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