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Ulster Bank Fraud Seminar Reaches Omagh

Continuing with the Ahead for Business Programme and trying to help businesses get ahead in Tyrone, Ulster Bank held their latest Fraud Awareness Seminar in Silver Birch Hotel, Omagh. The objective of the seminar is to help businesses keep themselves safe, by understanding the threats from fraud and what measures […]

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Staff Management: Don’t Let Employees Commit Fraud

Your business will be susceptible to threats from all directions—a bad economy, government regulations, fickle clients and more. Sadly, one of the most dangerous threats comes from within your own organization—your employees. It’s been said that the typical business loses more than 5% of its annual revenue because of employee […]

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If someone knocks on your door…

If someone knocks on your door and asks to see your arse, do not show them your arse. This is a scam”. So goes an email that’s been doing the rounds for a few years. It pokes fun at the never ending round of scam mails and ‘watch out there’s […]

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