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4 Staffing Tricks for Businesses

It’s hard to find and hire great people, but it’s even harder to keep them motivated and retain them so that they work at your company for years. There’s stiff competition from young startups, distributed teams, and small businesses, so young and talented employees won’t bat an eye about leaving […]

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7 Traits of Effective Digital Enterprises

Technology allows many businesses to compete on an international playing field whether they use an eCommerce or full eBusiness model. For many to achieve strategic advantage, they must fully adapt their digital operations to become effective digital enterprises. Such transformation can take time, significant resources and impact on business operations […]

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Small and Domestic Firms Report Recovery

InterTradeIreland’s latest quarterly Business Monitor (Q3 July – Sept 2014), highlights that smaller firms and non-exporters across the island are now beginning to shows signs of economic recovery and growth – the most positive set of results since 2008. Strong business performance and recovery across all sectors in Q3 2014 […]

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Build Your Self Confidence

Confidence is an extraordinary quality. It affects everything from pricing and marketing, to how we handle difficult clients, how we deal with disappointment, and how we plan for the future. While you might be confident in one area, typically the area you need most to improve your confidence will lead […]

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MBA World Trophy 16th to 18th May 2013

The MBA World Trophy started during an informal chat with a classmate on the Smurfit MBA programme. We would create an international competition for MBA students. We wanted to assemble the brightest and best entrepreneurs from the top colleges around the world who wanted to build their own companies. We would bring […]

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How HR business partners can help you grow

There has been a lot of confusion about the “Business Partner” model in Human Resources ever since its inception at the back end of the 1990s. Initially proposed by David Ulrich as a reorganisation of the way HR departments are run, the concept today has worked its way into small […]

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STAGE 3: Rapid Growth

Sales and customers reach a critical mass. Employee numbers are now becoming significant. Whereas sales was crucial previously, the imperative now shifts towards developing the company’s brand position in the market and an operational, decentralised infrastructure with the capability to sustain growth as the “hot product” fades and members of […]

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