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Tips for More Effective Interviewing in 2017

The job market is in an upswing, which is welcome news for both employers and employees. For those who are doing the hiring, it’s important to understand the latest trends associated with bringing on new staff. This starts with improved recruitment strategies and a better employee experience. Business leaders often […]

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HR Tech Advances for the New Millennium

Human Resources is an evolving environment that has changed dramatically over the years. In the Industrial Era, HR professionals were around to resolve wage-related issues and to deal directly with unions for labor-dispute problems and compliance requirements. In the 21st Century, the new era of Human Resources brought new challenges […]

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Is Outsourcing Right For Your Business?

As a small business owner, it is often a challenge to distinguish between the pros and cons of outsourcing a business function. To make the decision process as easy as possible, a good understanding of the pros and cons of outsourcing is necessary to provide you with all the information […]

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HR Department: 5 Ways to Meet Your Match

One of the challenges for any human resource department is finding applicants who fit well within the company. This can be challenging especially when hundreds of people apply for a single position. There are several tips that will help the HR Department in finding candidates that are a good match […]

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How HR business partners can help you grow

There has been a lot of confusion about the “Business Partner” model in Human Resources ever since its inception at the back end of the 1990s. Initially proposed by David Ulrich as a reorganisation of the way HR departments are run, the concept today has worked its way into small […]

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