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Starting A Business Abroad

The bureaucracy associated with starting a business abroad is shocking and is enough to deter even the most confident entrepreneur. European countries such as France, where many Brits now call home, is regarded as a red tape jungle and can be quite difficult to establish a business due to the […]

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Using Cultural Awareness for International Sales

When you travel to a business meeting abroad, you will probably dress to impress, right? You will probably smile a lot and be polite, yes? Well, unfortunately all these efforts can be overshadowed by simple blunders arising from a lack of cultural awareness. When you meet people from different cultures, […]

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How to create a GREAT Partnership

A GREAT Partnership is one that really delivers value to the customer, your partner and you. The more on-going and longer term it is the better with truly complementary fit of capabilities and business focus. As anyone who has built a company knows, getting your own operations right is difficult, […]

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