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A Creditors Guide to Winding-Up

A creditor who is owed more than £750 by a company can apply to the courts to have it wound up if it can’t (or won’t) pay its debts. This is known as a ‘winding up petition’ and if it is successful, the company can be put into liquidation or […]

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Tips on Staffing Appropriately

Julianna Davies explores techniques to make hiring for any business, both large and small, effective and long lasting. She delves deeper into a topic covered by Small Business Can about every company’s non-negotiables, focusing more on the process of finding employees who are both capable of the positions’ responsibilities and a […]

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Starting a business: How to not get sued

It can be tempting to skip the solicitor, particularly when starting a business. You can’t ignore the law though. Here’s how to deal with two of the more common problems when starting: Co-founder Difficulties and Intellectual Property Issues. The main point here is to address as many potential problems before they […]

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