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Why I am through with exhibiting

Most businesses will be approached at some point to exhibit at an event. The initial appeal is considerable – getting out of the office, meeting real customers, selling your wares and handing out leaflets to lots of  potential customers. However, the reality is usually different. Having been on both sides […]

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5 business planning myths you need to forget

Writing a business plan has always been synonymous with entrepreneurship, largely because they act as a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors. The primary function of a business plan is to outline an investment opportunity, so a prospective investor has the required information they need to assess its attractiveness. However, this […]

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10 Signs you’re too deep in social media

Lists like these are fun, and, by the way, I’ve been told that lists of 3, 5, and 10 are particularly good as blog headlines. My title here is taken directly from Rohit Bhargava’s 10 Signs You May Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Social Media on his Influential Marketing Blog. Here’s […]

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