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How to Create a Productive Environment As a Manager

Overall, employees appear to be wasting more time at work. A 2014 survey conducted by lists the biggest time wasters reported by employees. Not surprisingly, the Internet accounts for twenty-six percent of time wasted, followed closely by too many meetings and annoying co-workers. Want to learn how to create […]

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Guide to Buying a Small Business

Embarking on a small business venture takes courage, lots of energy, and a willingness to take risks. This guide to buying a small business, instead of starting a new business from scratch, will showcase several advantages that buying an established small business venture offers. The current owner has already done […]

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Tips for Getting Paid On Time

Good accounting system and routine. Do you actively manage your business cash flow or does the lack of cash govern the way you manage your business? A tighter credit control system can help a business to identify potential bad debts and take appropriate steps to reduce them, and ultimately get […]

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The Most Common Reasons Why Projects Fail

In general, organisations perform two types of work: projects, and operational work. The latter is relatively easy to perfect. Operational work tends to be repetitive, lending itself well to systematisation and incremental improvements over time. Projects, on the other hand, are unique from one to the next, have fixed starting […]

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Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

With the era we live in it’s almost become a commodity to work in the field you’ve schooled for. Usually, most of people find themselves working jobs they are not that passionate about either because those bring money or because they were the first thing offered to them after getting […]

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5 Qualities of Modern Leadership

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch Conventional ideas of leadership were awash with control, dictation and power. But, in this quote, American businessman Jack Welch captures exactly what it means to […]

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5 Back Office Practices to Improve Your Business

Industry leaders are well-informed that back office practices have a strong impact in a company’s working capital, revenues and profits. As such, it is important to outline and optimize proactive strategies to improve the business. In this article, we will discuss five effective practices of back office services to achieve sustainable profitability. […]

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FOCUS – The Key to Success

We all know we need to Focus in order to achieve something special. We know it is the magic ingredient that will determine our success or failure. But what is it? How do we get it and most importantly how do we maintain it to get what we want? Because […]

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Build Your Financial Capability in 2014

Business owners understand their business and are usually good at explaining what it is they do and why their product / service is worth choosing over a competitors. Yet many of the same business owners are uncomfortable in describing the financials of their business as they do not feel they […]

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HR Department: 5 Ways to Meet Your Match

One of the challenges for any human resource department is finding applicants who fit well within the company. This can be challenging especially when hundreds of people apply for a single position. There are several tips that will help the HR Department in finding candidates that are a good match […]

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Pros and Cons of Working For a Small Business

Depending on your personality type, working for a small business can be rewarding and pleasant, although other people may prefer working for a larger company. Many things can factor into the final decision including: the number of colleagues you prefer to work around the amount of resources you expect the company […]

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