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The Most Common Reasons Why Projects Fail

In general, organisations perform two types of work: projects, and operational work. The latter is relatively easy to perfect. Operational work tends to be repetitive, lending itself well to systematisation and incremental improvements over time. Projects, on the other hand, are unique from one to the next, have fixed starting […]

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What does a Manager Do?

Jűrgen Grobler is a man of wisdom.  Never heard of him?   If you’re a rowing fan you’ll know he’s the Great Britain Men’s Rowing Team Olympic Coach.  I hadn’t heard of him either until I came across his rules for team coaching: Show you love your job Safeguard mutual trust […]

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Am I a Manager or a Leader?

I’m often struck by the language we use – the difference between what we say and what we mean.  For example, when recruiting people for management roles, job advertisements specify candidates who display ‘leadership qualities’.  We demand evidence of leadership skills.  Often, when we employ these applicants, what we actually […]

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