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How to Improve Your Cash Flow & Avoid The Cash Trap

Cashflow is the life-blood of any business. By correctly managing the money that is coming into and out of your business, you will not only keep your business alive but allow it to thrive. However, even the most profitable business can fail if it run’s short of cash.

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Tips for Getting Paid On Time

Good accounting system and routine. Do you actively manage your business cash flow or does the lack of cash govern the way you manage your business? A tighter credit control system can help a business to identify potential bad debts and take appropriate steps to reduce them, and ultimately get […]

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There’s a hole in my pocket

Even if you haven’t got any money, yet, you still need to have a comprehensive plan in place as to how you’re going to take in payments, organise credit terms, and manage your accounts. The whole area of getting in money and then managing it can be a minefield for […]

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