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5 Personal Finance Books to Add to Your Reading List

What have you been reading this summer? Every person reading this post likely has a different answer. Some prefer lightweight reads in the summer months such as young adult fiction or romance novels. Other prefers historical fiction, political satire, or biographies. Maybe sci-fi and fantasy are more your speed. Whatever […]

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Tips for Getting Paid On Time

Good accounting system and routine. Do you actively manage your business cash flow or does the lack of cash govern the way you manage your business? A tighter credit control system can help a business to identify potential bad debts and take appropriate steps to reduce them, and ultimately get […]

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How To Go From Tradesman To Businessman

It’s question on the minds of all self employed tradesmen in the current economic climate; How can I possibly make more money when rates are so low and competition so high? In this post we’re looking at how to go from tradesman to businessman and make more money. Since 2008 […]

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Small Business Tips: Get Paid On Time!

I have worked in various businesses over the years, and one of the main areas of concerns for the managing directors was cash flow. “Lets Get Paid On Time” is what one ex-boss shouted at us.  Some business owners manage cash flow beautifully, and some plod along and seem to […]

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Bitcoin and the Future of Digital Currency

Business and technology commentators have been all abuzz recently with talk about cloud computing and hosted application management systems. What will this mean for business in the future? Is it a secure way to handle your customers’ information? How can your business recover from a disaster if your data is […]

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There’s a hole in my pocket

Even if you haven’t got any money, yet, you still need to have a comprehensive plan in place as to how you’re going to take in payments, organise credit terms, and manage your accounts. The whole area of getting in money and then managing it can be a minefield for […]

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