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5 Reasons Why Incubators are so Popular for SMBs

With the popularity of telecommuting and startup businesses, many people are finding that they no longer need a traditional brick and mortar office with all of the expenses that come with it. Instead, these people are turning to business incubators, a place where people can work with other people and […]

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Sun Life Enterprise & Innovation Awards

Sun Life Financial has worked alongside Waterford Institute of Technology to promote enterprise and innovation among Computing students and this was never more evident than at the fourth annual Sun Life Enterprise & Innovation Awards. Two outstanding students picked up the annual awards. The Innovation Award for a project that […]

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Networking: Is It All Worth It?

The age-old adage of “it’s not what you know but who you know” is thrown around when talking about networking, and we think it’s got a bit tired. Creating and maintaining a professional network is the point of ‘network’ing but networking for networking’s sake misses this fundamental. There always needs […]

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From Great Coaches

From Great Coaches, Come Champions

Sport for Business works with businesses from the biggest to the smallest finding ways to integrate the passion of sport into sales, marketing, business development, taken identification and retention. Sport for Business 20/20 for 2015 allowed sporting organisations to pitch programmes for 2015 to a receptive business audience drawn from […]

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5 Steps to Offline and Online Marketing Synergy

Marketing is all about conveying a clear message about your product and the message should precede the media it is used to communicate it. Despite this obvious idea, many marketers focus on digital marketing alone because it’s easier to do, is comparatively less expensive, and it has the potential to […]

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Effective Email Signature Tips

Email is a powerful small business tool for lead generation, marketing and general communication. If your business relies on reaching out to potential clients or interacting with current customers then email can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. But many people are not using email to […]

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What to Include on Your Business Card

Print marketing isn’t entirely dead. In a world full of QR codes, social media and smartphone bumps, it’s easy to see how print marketing could get lost in the shuffle. But, for many small business owners and entrepreneurs, business cards are still a key point of contact and an integral […]

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5 Summertime Networking Tips

There’s nothing better than summer. The warm, sunny weather. Spending time outdoors. Going to the beach. Barbecues and other gatherings. But for the small business owner, this can have you worrying that you are neglecting your business. Don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful networking tips that will let you stay […]

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MBA World Trophy 16th to 18th May 2013

The MBA World Trophy started during an informal chat with a classmate on the Smurfit MBA programme. We would create an international competition for MBA students. We wanted to assemble the brightest and best entrepreneurs from the top colleges around the world who wanted to build their own companies. We would bring […]

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Sport and your B2B Relationships

Being a mass market activity sport is often look on primarily for its power as a consumer marketing tool. Often overlooked though is how a sprinkling of stardust can make a huge difference in business to business relationships. Padraig Harrington has signed a long term endorsement deal with Clune Construction, […]

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