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Pitch Your Business, Tell Your Story, a Workshop for Female Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs or business leaders, we’re in sales whether we like it or not. Every day we pitch ourselves, our businesses, our past projects and our client work to keep the show on the road. These interactions, accidental or planned are a brilliant way to generate opportunities without resorting to cold calling or sending emails that never get read.

Are you as prepared as you could be? Are you confident in how you tell your story? Can you keep things fresh and engaging for you and your audience?

Over the 1 day workshop you’ll:

  • Work through a step by step process to build your pitch & develop your story
  • Get practical tips on working with physical space for presentations
  • Practice and get feedback on the day

Whether you’re preparing for a big pitch or want to improve your accidental opportunities, at the end of this one-day workshop you’ll be more confident in how and what you communicate and your business will see the benefits.

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5 Ways to Impress the Dragons

The thought of coming face-to-face with Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meaden, Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney is enough to strike fear into any entrepreneur, and the Den has claimed many a victim since it launched in 2005. But as an entrepreneur that has faced the Dragons and emerged intact […]

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The nobility of sales?

Philip Delves Broughton is the author of “What they teach you at Harvard business school”. Not to be confused with “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack. We have been searching for a book like this. Our clients regularly ask us to find them a […]

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Smallbusinesscan and David Manley

SmallBusinessCan is getting involved with the David Manley awards. We like positive people, we like good stories, we like helping and supporting business. Support “Everyone loves you when you’re successful – but what about when you’re starting out and feeling very inexperienced with little resources – that’s when entrepreneurs need […]

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Our Elevator Pitch, what do you think?

Communication is absolutely vital to the success of a small business. As a start-up we are learning everyday about our marketing communications. Our messaging is constantly evolving also but it has never strayed too far from the core value proposition i.e. we save companies time, money and hassle. Cornerstone of all […]

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Pitching to Investors

If marketing is the art of understanding customer needs and then creating solutions to meet those needs at a profit; then nowhere is marketing more important for an entrepreneur than at seeking funding from investors at start up and subsequent rounds. (more…)

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