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How to be More Productive in a Short Time Limit

If you’re in a high stress-working environment, short time limits may make it feel like it’s impossible to get things done. For example, you may feel like it’s pointless to try to accomplish anything during quick breaks in between meeting with clients. However, one of best ways to lower your workday stress level and […]

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Preparing for the SEPA Deadline of 1 Feb 2014

The 1st February 2014 is the date by which the existing national euro credit transfer and direct debit schemes will be phased out and replaced by the European SEPA alternatives. After this date, rather than using sort code and account numbers to identify bank accounts when making payments, organisations will […]

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Sales and Marketing Plan

Over the years I have come across so many businesses, small and medium size, where there is no sales and marketing plan at all… really – none at all. From the outside they appear successful. Other customers and business people that know them think; ” They have it sorted”, “How […]

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Pitching to Investors

If marketing is the art of understanding customer needs and then creating solutions to meet those needs at a profit; then nowhere is marketing more important for an entrepreneur than at seeking funding from investors at start up and subsequent rounds. (more…)

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