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Marketing Mix – 4 Ps or 8 Ps?

The concept of a marketing manager as a “mixer of ingredients” — a chef who pulls together basic components to cook up a profitable dinner – dates back to 1948, when used it to explain how marketing actually worked. Indeed, any marketing manager faced with a new product or a […]

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It is all About the Customer

In a world of increasingly personalised products and services, where customisation is king, the modern successful entrepreneur succeeds because he or she is willing to compromise their vision to suit the market. Ok, with a massive marketing budget you can create want but this is expensive and difficult to sustain […]

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3 Rules for Good Customer Service

High levels of competition is prevalent in most niches and markets today. No matter what product or service you want to sell, there is always someone else trying to sell the exact same thing to your potential customers. So why would a customer choose to buy the product from you? […]

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Quick online tips to improve customer experience

With all the competition faced by businesses today, it is important that due consideration be given to what the customers need and how you treat them. Developing a set of loyal customers will ensure that your business not only survives the competition but also flourishes in the seemingly hostile environment. […]

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