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Advantages of Print Based Marketing

Have you considered publicizing your business’s services via magazine or catalogue? You may have ruled out the possibility due to anticipated costs or the potential absence of a targeted audience. However, considering the proliferation of online advertising, print communication is becoming more and more scarce, making paper-based marketing and correspondence […]

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Mastering Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is much more than social media or social media marketing, it is a very important element for large and small business alike. Social media is a catch all term of online platforms that allow the public to communicate with each other. In recent years, brands have entered the […]

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Promote Your Business With a Business Event

Getting more people to know about your business is not an easy task. Consumers these days are getting more and more averse towards direct promotional tactics. That is why it’s very important that if you are a business owner, you need to become creative in your promotional approach. One of […]

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Marketing Mix – 4 Ps or 8 Ps?

The concept of a marketing manager as a “mixer of ingredients” — a chef who pulls together basic components to cook up a profitable dinner – dates back to 1948, when used it to explain how marketing actually worked. Indeed, any marketing manager faced with a new product or a […]

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Preventing Job Promotion Panic

“I’m good at my job, in fact, I’m so good at it, I’ve got promoted.  Brilliant – I really wanted this.  Oh God, now what do I do?” They say you should be careful what you wish for, you may get it.  A new management role is a great achievement, […]

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15 Qualities A Manager Should Have

Much is given, much is required. This is an adage that fits a managerial position well. Since it is a post that is considerably superior and even coveted at times, it is only right for a manager to champion high standards and translate core values into actions. So whether you’re […]

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Share Your Expertise with a White Paper

With a big presentation coming up, and nerves jangling, I was delighted to find a handbook of communication tips provided free of charge by Aristo.  It was so helpful to get such insightful and practical ideas from Andrew Keogh, an acknowledged expert in the field. Later, I realised that our team at […]

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Understanding social media users

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate with each other and how companies communicate with society. The most common social networks (SN) are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+. Understand how people use SN can guide us when attracting and communicating with customers. This article is based on research conducted by […]

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Advertising You need to look at your advertising in the same way that you look at other areas of your business-that is, set clear objectives and goals. Are you aiming at a certain location? This will dictate the type of media and the type of presentation that is used. Or […]

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