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Optimising your YouTube videos

YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google, with over a billion users and across 54 languages. With an audience this large, isn’t it time you thought about including YouTube in your social media strategy? Uploading your own videos to YouTube is a great way to increase your […]

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Link Building and Its Advantages

It is possible to drive traffic to the websites that the customer wants to promote by providing links to it from other sites and pages.  This increases the traffic generated and more importantly increases the ranking on search engines.  Since a major part of the assessment that a search engine […]

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Quality SEO Tips For Local Businesses

Easy to Follow SEO Tips for Small Business Owners When it comes to getting attention online, there’s no question that search engine optimization (SEO) still remains one of the most important factors. You can have a wonderfully made website that is professional, looks great, and does everything correctly but if […]

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How to Identify & Fix Your Website SEO Weaknesses (Live Audits!)


event-gaThis month’s topic is: SEO.

As we’ve seen in the last few months, website traffic is vital to get people into your funnel/pipeline. No traffic, no party.

Problem is – and our guest speaker Francesco will confirm – there are sometimes very small, tiny, silly website issues that are BLOCKING inbound traffic.

Some glitches that are going against Google rules, some problems that are causing your Google ranking to be #11 and higher (page 2 and beyond)…

Well, this month we’ll do something special.

We’ll SEO audit 5 websites LIVE, and Francesco will show us how easy it is to fix certain SEO aspects and how incredibly helpful these little changes can be.

Who is the Guest Speaker?

Guest Speaker-Francesco Baldini

Francesco Baldini, founder of Betakrea, helps businesses reach their goals with a customised digital marketing strategy.

Through a holistic approach, he supports the growth of the businesses with a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy to their eCommerce, blog or corporate assets.

With on-site and off-site activities, he improves the technical and content side of any website.

He’s been working online since a very young age and he still believes that this is the only choice to make.

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Business Blogging – A Sneak Peek

In order to keep pace with the competition of the virtual world, it is increasingly important to enhance one’s web presence. And any measure that you take to do the same will yield results provided you adhere to the norms of online marketing concepts. Business blogging is one of the […]

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A Guide to Creating Infographics for SMEs

Infographics are very popular these days.  Hubspot reports that the number of searches on Google for infographics has increased by more than 800 percent, and the rate at which they are being produced increases one percent each day. Company love utilizing infographics as part of their content marketing strategies due […]

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Combining Social Media and SEO

When it comes to getting your brand the attention and needs it deserves, combining social media and  SEO (search engine optimization) is definitely the way to go. SEO is being used and analyzed more and more by businesses who ultimately want to draw traffic back to their websites. While you […]

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E-Commerce Expo Ireland, Dublin

This is the first and only event of its kind completely devoted to educating Irish businesses about eCommerce & selling online.

eCommerce Expo Ireland is a focused 1 day event where you can meet 1 on 1 with eCommerce experts, ask questions, get advice, attend talks by Irish movers and shakers and hear their stories about the pitfalls of trading online and how best to navigate the waters of eCommerce.

The event is sponsored by a number of industry leaders and was created to assist Businesses who are moving online or want to improve their current online offer.

This year’s events has:

  • More topics
  • NEW speakers
  • More Mentors and 1-1 meetings
  • More technology and suppliers on display
  • More Learning, Networking and Interaction!

This event is perfect for Managing Directors, Marketing staff, eCommerce managers, Financial directors, Content and Operations managers or anyone looking to learn more about selling online.

Speakers will discuss key issues around Personalisation, Multi-channel, bringing offline and online together, Maximising Adwords and SEO, Digital marketing, Tax, Logistics, Fulfilment, Web Design and of course eCommerce platforms.

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